Low-dose anti-VEGF plus laser possible treatment for type 1 ROP in zone 1

Good anatomic results and preservation of central vision field were seen after combined treatment of a low dose of bevacizumab and zone 1 sparing laser ablation in infants with type 1 retinopathy of prematurity in zone 1, according to a study. Investigators analyzed medical records of 18 eyes of 10 infants who underwent combined 0.25 mg intravitreal Avastin (bevacizumab, Genentech) injections and laser ablation.Mean gestational age at birth was 24.1 weeks, and mean weight was 628.1 g. All infants had comorbidities, including bronchopulmonary dysplasia, intraventricular hemorrhage and patent ductus arteriosus, (Read more...)

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