NCX 470 shows positive IOP reduction in phase 2 trial

SAN FRANCISCO — NCX 470, Nicox’s novel second-generation nitric oxide-donating bimatoprost analog, showed superior IOP lowering compared with latanoprost in a phase 2 clinical trial, according to a speaker here.
The multicenter Dolomites trial compared NCX 470 0.065% with latanoprost for diurnal IOP reduction. Those treated with NCX 470 experienced a mean diurnal IOP reduction between 7.6 mm Hg and 9.8 mm Hg compared with a reduction of 6.3 mm Hg to 8.8 mm Hg in the latanoprost group, Tomas Navratil, PhD, Nicox executive vice president and head of research (Read more...)

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