Laser Cataract Surgery After CXL for Keratectasia

One of the most challenging patients cataract surgeons
face today is the refractive surgery patient
of yesterday. Refractive surgery has been mainstream
since the late 1980s, and now, those first
patients need cataract surgery. Because they ha…

IOL Exchange: Principles and Practice

Every day, tens of thousands of patients worldwide
undergo IOL implantation. Although the overwhelming
majority is performed successfully, IOLs
must sometimes be removed and exchanged.
Replacement occurs for a number of reasons. The most

Posterior Capsular Tear

It does not matter if one is a third-year ophthalmology
resident or has been in practice performing cataract
surgery for 30 years; knowing how to handle a tear in
the posterior capsule is one of the most important
and crucial skills for de…


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New Instruments for Cataract Surgery

This installment of “Inside” features videos
that introduce new surgical devices to enhance
cataract surgery. Three surgical devices featured on that stand out are a hydrodissection
cannula, a pupillary dilation dev…