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Submacular hemorrhages may be managed with anti-VEGF

WAIKOLOA, Hawaii — Intravitreal injections may successfully help manage submacular hemorrhages, according to a speaker here.“We know that submacular hemorrhages have a significant variability in their clinical course,” Mark W. Johnson, MD, said at Retina 2013. “But it does seem that poor prognostic factors include thick blood under the fovea and the presence of AMD. And we know that when an eye has both of these factors, the final visual outcome if you don’t treat these is rarely better than 20/200.”

Avastin Just as Good as Lucentis

It’s official.  Avastin is just as good as Lucentis for the treatment of wet macular degeneration. The results of this National Eye Institute study were released just a week ago.  The study, Comparison of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Treatment Trials (CATT)…

New Therapies for “Dry” Macular Degeneration Under Development Based on Enzyme and DNA Research

New research has elucidated that low levels of the DICER-1 enzyme causes the buildup of toxic Alu DNA, or “junk DNA,” which causes the retinal cell death seen in “dry” macular degeneration. Through this new understanding, novel therapies can be developed that aim to prevent the build-up of Alu DNA. Researchers from the University of Kentucky […]