Tag: Cardiology

Surgical Robot Autonomously Navigates Inside Heart

Transcatheter heart surgeries, particularly to repair failing valves, are now common in many high-end hospitals. Though the actual replacement procedure is not easy, navigating to the valve site through narrow vasculature and inside the heart is in itself a challenging task. Moreover, pushing guidewires and catheters through the vessels requires fl (Read more...)

Attain Stability Quad MRI SureScan, World’s Only Active Fixation Left Heart Lead, Approved in U.S.

Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices are implanted into heart failure patients to try to improve the efficiency of the heart. How well the therapy ends up working depends very much on the positioning of the electrodes of the leads that stretch into the heart. Quadripolar leads, having two more electrodes than typical, provide a great [&h (Read more...)

AcQMap Heart Mapping Technology Gets EU and US Green Lights

Acutus Medical, a Carlsbad, California company, won European approval for its AcQMap contact mapping software. The company also won FDA clearance for its second generation AcQMap platform to be sold in the United States. The technology, used during cardiac ablation procedures, creates volumetric images of the atrial anatomy using ultrasound At the (Read more...)

3D-Printed Heart From Patient’s Own Tissues

Researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel have developed a 3D printing approach to create a heart with a patient’s own cells. The investigators used patient-derived cellular and acellular material obtained from fatty tissue, along with a unique bioprinter, to 3D-print a heart. The team isolated cells from a patient tissue sample and used (Read more...)