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Self-Adhesive Drug-Eluting Patch to Treat Mouth Ulcers

Researchers at the University of Sheffield, UK and the Danish company Dermtreat have jointly developed an innovative patch, known as the Rivelin, to improve treatment for mouth ulcers. The patch allows for highly-targeted treatment of ulcers with steroids and other drugs, while providing a protective barrier around the affected area. Current treatm (Read more...)

New Coating for Dental Aligners Keeps Bacteria from Growing

Dental aligners, also known as retainers, are plastic devices that are used to slow adjust the position of the teeth. They’ve become extremely popular, but they require frequent changes because bacteria is known to make a home within the devices’ many small curves. Now a team of Korean researchers have developed a coating that can [&hel (Read more...)

3D-Printed Dentures Release Drug to Combat Infection

Researchers at the University at Buffalo have developed a method to rapidly 3D print dentures that contain an antifungal drug. The dentures can release the drug slowly over time, helping to combat fungal infections before they happen. The technique could also be useful for creating different drug-releasing medical implants, such as stents and prost (Read more...)

New and Improved Planmed Verity CBCT Scanner Unveiled

Planmed, based in Helsinki, Finland, is releasing an upgraded new version of its popular Planmed Verity CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) extremity scanner. The system is intended for ortho, as well as head and neck imaging, and even advanced dental applications. It is CE marked in Europe and is now available wherever the mark applies. [… (Read more...)

Flosstime Automated Floss Dispenser: A Medgadget Review

In the field of dentistry, gadgets for your pearly whites have tracked along fairly well with advancements in technology. You can now buy Bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes and let a robot drill holes in your mouth to place a dental implant. But one too often overlooked practice that hasn’t yet been modernized is flossing. No matter how [… (Read more...)

Method Spots Bacterial Infections in Root Canals to Improve Success, Prevent Additional Procedures

At King’s College London researchers have developed a device that can verify whether a root canal has been cleansed of bacteria following an endodontic treatment. These days dentists performing such procedures have to rely on their technique and diligence to make sure the root canal will not become diseased again. Having a tool that confirms (Read more...)