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Helping Digital Health Companies Win Regulatory Approvals: Interview with Ruby Gadelrab, CEO of MDisrupt

Digital Health companies often face a struggle knowing where to begin on the road to regulatory approval. Issues such as conducting clinical validation studies and finding the right regulatory experts to assist in their journey can all present major hurdles. These difficulties prompted Ruby Gadelrab to create MDisrupt, a digital health intelligence (Read more...)

Medgadget Reviews the Sleep Number i10 360 Smart Bed

Ten years ago, Sleep Number gave Medgadget the opportunity to try out their advanced beds. As you’ve probably seen on numerous TV commercials and in retail outlets, Sleep Number beds are known for their adjustable firmness, accomplished by changing the air pressure inside their mattresses. We had enjoyed sleeping on the bed, but found that [& (Read more...)

Supporting Promising Medtech Firms: Interview with Paul Grand, CEO of MedTech Innovator

MedTech Innovator is a medical technology accelerator program that supports medtech companies in translating their technologies into beneficial products. Much of this support takes the form of competitions. At present, MedTech Innovator holds competitions in the US and Asia, and companies can apply to enter either competition depending on where the (Read more...)

Elastomeric Respirator Mask Senses Fit and Filter Saturation

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed a new respirator, conceived as an improvement on standard N95 masks. The transparent respirator contains sensors that allow users to know if the mask is fitting snugly and alerts them when the filters need to be replaced. The mask, called the t (Read more...)

Air Filter Traps and Kills SARS-CoV-2 Virus

A group of researchers, including those at the University of Houston, has developed an air filter that can instantly kill SARS-CoV-2 viral particles that pass through it by heating them to 200 degrees C (392 F). The technology may help to destroy the particles within busy indoor spaces, such as hospitals, reducing the risk of […]

CAPE: A CleanRoom for Any Need and Location

Cleanrooms are important tools when manufacturing drugs, creating certain medical devices, performing specialized research, and for other tasks in a number of fields. Cleanrooms are typically located in built-to-suit facilities that can provide power, clean air, and other necessities that help maintain an ultra-clean environment. In order to make p (Read more...)