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Bioengineered Gel to Reduce Risk of Bone Marrow Transplants

Bone marrow transplantation is a potentially life-saving treatment for leukemia, multiple myeloma, and HIV. The procedure involves depleting the patient’s immune system, then infusing blood stem cells from a donor, which develop into a new immune system. Unfortunately, during the transplant process, patients are susceptible to disease and inf (Read more...)

Researchers Give Animals Infrared Vision

Even those of us with perfect vision are actually blind in some ways. Many birds can see ultraviolet light and snakes can detect infrared, something we don’t have the right retinal cells for. But now researchers at University of Massachusetts Medical School and University of Science and Technology of China have shown that it may soo (Read more...)

Electronic Nanomesh Gently Hugs Beating Heart Cells

Unlike with most other cells, studying the heart’s beating cardiomyocytes is prone to difficulty because attaching rigid sensors to moving cells hinders the movement of those cells. A collaboration of Japanese scientists at University of Tokyo, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, and RIKEN research institute have developed (Read more...)

Implant Controls Overactive Bladder Using LED Lights

Today’s neurostimulators, such as those used to control chronic pain, bladder incontinence, and depression, use electricity to activate nerves. While very effective in many patients, electrical stimulation can lead to inflammation, produce unwanted sensations and pain, and injure fragile tissues. Optogenetics is an approach that offers an alt (Read more...)

Cellular Incubator for Implantation Into Body

Researchers at Tomsk State University and Siberian State Medical University in Russia have developed a new type of cell incubator that can be used to place lab-grown tissues into the body. The incubator is in the shape of a mesh made out of filaments of titanium nickelide (TiNi) that are only 25−40 μm, wound together using a [&he (Read more...)

Nanome Looking for VR Folks to Help Complete Human Biome Map

Molecular scientists these days have tools at their disposal that allow  to do quite incredible things. To use these tools to create new drugs and therapies, they need new ways to visualize and manipulate molecules using computers. Proteins are important subjects of study, as an understanding of their structure and how they fold and work [&hel (Read more...)

Tackling Alzheimer’s Biomarkers Using Machine Learning: Interview with IQuity CEO, Dr. Chase Spurlock

Losing one’s memories, and therefore one’s identity, must be a terrifying experience. With a global estimate of almost 50 million people living with dementia, predicted to rise to more than 130 million by 2050, the burden of Alzheimer’s and dementia are indisputable. While there are still no approved drugs for the treatment of Alz (Read more...)