Tag: Neurological Surgery

EBS Technologies Electro-Optical Stimulation System Restores Vision Lost Due to Neurological Conditions (VIDEO)

Many people affected by certain types of glaucoma, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and some other diseases lose a great deal of their vision due to neuropathy rather than from damage to the optical components of the eye. The nerve rich areas that can be affected are either in the brain’s regions that deal with vision or within the neuron (Read more...)

Vittamed’s Non-Invasive Intracranial Pressure and Cerebrovascular Autoregulation Monitors Cleared in EU (VIDEOS)

Vittamed out of Carlisle, MA received European CE Mark approval for its non-invasive intracranial pressure meter and non-invasive cerebrovascular autoregulation monitor. The Vittamed 205 intracranial pressure monitor works by applying pressure to the tissue surrounding the eye using a special pressure cuff. A Doppler ultrasound transducer plac (Read more...)