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L’Oréal Releases Sun Exposure Monitor Through Apple

L’Oréal, the big skin care company, has just released a tiny device for monitoring skin’s exposure to the sun. Offered through Apple’s online shop and at some of its physical stores, the La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV device doesn’t use any batteries while being able to upload its readings to a paired smart (Read more...)

myLAB Box STI at-home Test Kits. Interview with Lora Ivanova, Co-Founder and CEO at myLAB Box

myLAB Box, a healthcare company based in California, has developed and pioneered an at-home sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing service. With the number of STDs rising, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 20 million new STDs occur annually in the US, and half of these are in people aged 15 to […]

Philips and Augusta University Partner to Improve Patient Care: Interview with Philips CMO

A few months ago, we heard about how Philips and Augusta University Health are working together in a long-term partnership for the co-development of clinical solutions such as a hybrid operating room. To learn more about the partnership as well as the unique, hybrid operating room into which multiple technologies and procedures have been combined,& (Read more...)

Demystifying Blockchain Technology in Healthcare: Interview with Nicholson Center CTO Dr. Roger Smith

Continuing our series of conversations with healthcare thought leaders about the burgeoning world of blockchain technologies, Medgadget spoke with Chief Technology Officer of the Nicholson Center, Dr. Roger Smith. The Nicholson Center is a medical research and training center founded in 2001, which operates within the Florida Hospital network. (Read more...)

Mobile Clinics for Disaster Zones and Low Resource Communities: Interview with CEO of World Housing Solution

World Housing Solution, based in Florida, specializes in rapidly deployable buildings. Recently, they have focused on providing fully-equipped mobile clinics that can be fabricated and installed very quickly in disaster zones. The clinics are conceived as serving patients who can’t reach a hospital or medical facility. So far, the company has (Read more...)

Simulator Evaluates Effect of High-Field MRI on Breast Tissues

MRI machines used in hospitals today are generally limited to having magnetic fields no stronger than 3 Tesla. This is partially because a higher resonant magnetic field can, in certain cases, heat up living tissues and cause permanent damage. But, knowing whether patients would really suffer inside powerful MRI machines has remained a challenge. N (Read more...)

Scientists See At-Home Biohacking as Future of Medicine

The cost and regulatory environment in which drugs are currently created lead to a number of difficulties for patients, providers, and drug manufacturers. Clearances and approvals, patents, and terms of use agreements, among other things, have forced some patients to turn to “biohacking” their own medical care. Researchers at Colorado S (Read more...)

Simple Musical Instrument to Catch Fake Medicine

Counterfeit drugs is a major global health problem, particularly in poorer areas of the world. While regulatory schemes, expensive equipment, and constant vigilance keep the drug supply mostly pure in developed nations, in many places pharmacists and even patients have to manage for themselves to make sure that drugs are what they say they are. [&h (Read more...)