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EasyScan GO: AI Powered Malaria Parasite Counter

EasyScan GO, an AI powered microscope developed by Chinese manufacturer Motic, has the capability to automatically and accurately quantify malaria parasites in a blood sample. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, the microscope is so efficient that it can identify the amount of parasites present in under 20 minutes. Premiered at the International (Read more...)

From Data Management to Leader in Healthcare Informatics: Interview with Information Builders’ Michael Corcoran

In an age in which data is generated at faster rates than ever before, the struggle to streamline and interpret the plethora of available information has been the core driver for many business analytics companies. The challenge is arguably more pressing in an environment as complex as a hospital, where data is constantly gathered at […]

Healthcare Analytics at the Information Builders Summit

Every summer the business analytics and data management company, Information Builders, holds a conference to bring together thousands of company employees, representatives from international conglomerates, and a variety of other attendees. With upwards of 140 presentations and technical workshops spanning three days, there is always something to le (Read more...)

Highlights from Mayo Clinic’s Transform 2017 Event

Transform 2017, held a few weeks ago, was the tenth annual healthcare innovation conference hosted by the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI). Each year it brings together stakeholders from around the world to “challenge assumptions, collaborate, and share results to create the future of health care.” This year the conference focuse (Read more...)

Rapid Phone-Based Test for Multiple Infectious Pathogens

Scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Washington at Tacoma have partnered to develop a compact, portable, and easy to use system for simultaneously detecting a variety of bacteria and viruses that cause disease. The system provides results in about a half an hour, which are nearly as accurate as lab (Read more...)

Portable 3D Scanner to Assess Elephantiasis Patients

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have developed a portable 3D scanner that can help health workers to rapidly assess patients with elephantiasis, a condition that causes swollen limbs. The scanner allows medical professionals to measure the volume and dimensions of swollen limbs in the comfort of a patient’s (Read more...)

Surfaceskins Excrete Alcohol on Every Push to Prevent Spread of In-Hospital Infections

Hospital acquired infections continue to be a major source of patient morbidities. Hand washing guidelines, ubiquitously available alcohol sanitizers, and keeping patients away from each other has helped reduce the spread of nosocomial infections. Nevertheless, much more needs to be done to prevent hospitals themselves from being vectors that sprea (Read more...)

Tiny Nanopatch Shown Highly Effective Against Polio Virus

A new vaccine delivering “Nanopatch” has just been tested that may finally help put an end to polio. Developed by a scientist at Queensland University in Australia and commercialized by Vaxxas, a firm based in Sydney, the patch has microscopic needles projecting from its bottom that pass the vaccine directly to the antigen-presenting ce (Read more...)

Lyra Health and Welking Health Announce New Partnership to Improve Employee Access to Behavioral Health Services [Interview]

Earlier this year we shared news of a partnership between Welkin Health, a technology platform on which organizations can build their own digital therapeutic solutions, and Common Sensing, developers of the Gocap, a dose-capturing insulin pen cap, to evolve the paradigm of at-home diabetes management. Recently, Welkin Health announced a new pa (Read more...)

Paper Test for Zika Powered by Gold Nanoparticles

Zika is often a silent disease that might not display any symptoms in infected persons, making screening particularly important. In the developing world, mobile testing systems that can be easily transported and used are not available, so sending a sample to a lab is still required to detect Zika infected individuals. Researchers at Washington Univ (Read more...)

Incentive-Based Systems to Improve Patient Compliance: Interview with Matt Loper, CEO of Wellth

Wellth, a digital health company based in New York, has developed a system that provides patients with daily financial incentives to improve their compliance with drug regimens. Low patient compliance results in significant issues in terms of patient health and increased financial costs. The company is particularly interested in targeting type 2 di (Read more...)