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FDA Clears Two New Radiotherapy Planning CTs from Siemens

Procedure planning is an important part of radiation therapy in order to achieve optimal tumor reduction without damaging too much healthy tissue. Two newly FDA-cleared radiation therapy planning CT scanners from Siemens Healthineers are coming to America. The SOMATOM go.Sim and SOMATOM go.Open Pro are part of the company’s SOMATOM.go platfor (Read more...)

Method Makes PET Tracers out of Common Biomolecules

Researchers from the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center have developed new radioactive tracers to track pharmaceuticals in the body and to image cancer. The findings, reported in journal Science, describe the new chemistry they have developed, along with data that demonstrate that the team was able to radioactively (Read more...)

ARIS MD Automatic Tissue Segmentation in Virtual and Augmented Reality: Aris MD at CES 2019

Medical imaging technologies have come a long way over the decades. They offer greater visual detail, but all that data often makes it difficult to see and understand the anatomy being studied. At CES 2019 we met with ARIS MD, a company that was introducing its 3D visualization technology that can automatically identify different organs, […]

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Elekta Unity High-Field MRI/Linac System Cleared in U.S.

Elekta, the Swedish manufacturer of radiotherapy devices, won FDA clearance for the world’s first high-field MRI/linac system. The Elekta Unity combines a 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner with a linear particle accelerator, a feat that was previously thought impossible. This is because the electrons coming out of an accelerator, being electrons, have a (Read more...)

Philips Unveils New Radiation Oncology Imaging Systems

Philips is releasing a couple new systems for radiotherapy at the American Society for Radiation Oncology’s (ASTRO) annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas. The Big Bore RT is a dedicated CT oncology simulator with built-in technologies such as iterative model reconstruction (IMR) for improved imaging of small details and for quick completion of (Read more...)

IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence System for Cancer Care: Interview with Elekta’s Andrew Wilson

Elekta, the big name in radiotherapy, radiosurgery, and oncology informatics that’s based in Sweden, recently partnered with IBM to offer the Watson for Oncology artificial intelligence (AI) platform along with its MOSAIQ Oncology Information System and other cancer care solutions. According to Richard Hausmann, the CEO of Elekta, it is &ldqu (Read more...)