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New InMotion ARM/HAND for Post Stroke Rehab Unveiled

BIONIK Laboratories, a company based in Toronto, Canada, is releasing a new version of its InMotion ARM/HAND robotic system for stroke rehab training. The system is used for intensive motor therapy, consisting of two robots that work together to train reaching and grasp & release movements at the same time. The user is asked to perform [&h (Read more...)

VisualCamp Headset Eye Tracking at CES 2019

Head-worn displays, including ones for virtual reality and augmented reality, are becoming common in medicine. They’re already used to superimpose planning images on the patient’s body during surgery, to teach students how to perform procedures, and to analyze clinical data like never before. While they’re already amazingly cool, (Read more...)

Optimal-G Pro Robotic Gait Rehab System Unveiled

Motorika, a company out of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, is introducing its Optimal-G Pro robotic walking rehabilitation system at the  American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sessions Meeting this week in Washington DC. The device helps to train the walking gait of people who have suffered from a variety of neurological, (Read more...)

Philips Presents Its Sleep Technologies at CES 2019

Philips is now a pure medical technology company. You may see their brand on other products still, such as TVs, but that’s all produced by other manufacturers. Though it’s focused on medicine, Philips is actively involved in the personal healthcare space, and particularly in sleep. The firm has everything from sleep trackers, wake up li (Read more...)

Cochlear Nucleus 7 Cochlear Implant: Seen at CES 2019

Cochlear Limited attended the CES for the first time this year, showcasing a virtual reality demo and an opportunity to speak with implant recipients. They showcased their Nucleus 7 Implant and Sound Processor, which the company released last year as the world’s first made-for-iPhone cochlear implant sound processor (read our coverage here). (Read more...)

Gyrolift, a Standing Wheelchair Hoverboard: CES 2019

People have been working on improving wheelchairs probably soon after wheels were invented. Advanced computers and sensing systems can turbo-charge mobility devices in surprising ways, something we’re always happy to cover here at Medgadget. On our tour of the latest gadgetry at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, we were excited to learn of Gyrolift, a [ (Read more...)

Starkey Hearing Aids with Body Sensors Built-In: CES 2019

Starkey hearing aids are some of the more advanced devices on the market, including ones with sensors and even artificial intelligence that work together to improve the quality of sound. Some of Starkey’s devices are essentially invisible, residing completely inside the ear canal, while others are rechargeable and can interface with a smartph (Read more...)

Kepler Vision Technologies Monitors Elderly at Home: CES 2019

An extra set of eyes can be important in manufacturing, air traffic control, medicine, and just about any other field. The elderly living alone at home can also benefit from someone maintaining an eye on them, while keeping their lives private. Enter cameras, computer vision, pattern recognition, and other powerful technologies, and you can have [& (Read more...)

Attain Incontinence Control Device at CES 2019

Incontinence, be it urinary or fecal, is not fun and products to treat it is not something that excites the average consumer. Yet, InControl Medical was at CES 2019 showing off its Attain device, a product for managing urinary and/or fecal incontinence in both men and women. The Brookfield, Wisconsin firm claims that the Attain […]

NeuroMetrix Introduces AI for Pain Relief at CES 2019

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a therapy that has been around for decades. It is used to treat pain and a few other conditions, but over those decades it has gotten a bit stale. New companies, though, are taking TENS therapy to a new level and NeuroMetrix is one of the leaders in this […]

Smartphone App Detects Opioid Overdose

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a smartphone app that can detect if someone is experiencing an opioid overdose. The app uses sonar to monitor the breathing rate of a user, which it can do from up to three feet away, to assess if someone is experiencing an overdose. So far, the technology […]

Domalys Fall Prevention System at CES 2019

Domalys is a French company we discovered at CES 2019 that develops technologies to help the elderly with everyday life. In particular, the company created its Aladin smart lamp that monitors an elderly person while they’re at home, detects abnormal patterns in activity, and aims to prevent falls and other common injuries. The device lights [ (Read more...)