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First Drug-Free Option for ADHD Cleared in America

For the first time, children in the United States will have a non-drug option for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The FDA just cleared the Monarch external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (eTNS) System from NeuroSigma, a Los Angeles, California company, to treat ADHD in kids between 7 and 12 years old. The system has already (Read more...)

The Power of Modern Hearing Aids: Interview with Laurel Christensen, Chief Audiology Officer, GN Hearing

Modern hearing aids have to pack a great deal of technology in a tiny package. The batteries, high speed computer chips, speakers, microphones, and antennas have to all fit together and work in unison. They drive multiple sound processing algorithms that can modify how audio is boosted for the unique needs of each individual user. […]

3D Printed Custom Prostheses with Integrated Sensors for Improved Function and Comfort

Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a 3D-printed prosthetic device with integrated electronic sensors to assess pressure distribution between a limb and the device itself. The sensors provide data that help the researchers to improve the device for added comfort and functionality. Their approach may lead to more affordable and effective cus (Read more...)

Deep Learning System to Track Patient Recovery

Researchers from Stanford University have developed a new tool to track patient recovery in a hospital setting. They have created a deep learning-based system to see if patients are able to perform mobility tasks, such as getting in and out of bed or sitting in a chair. In an ICU setting, improved mobility is associated […]

Withings Releases Breathing Disturbance Sleep Monitor

Withings, the famous French maker of stylish activity trackers, blood pressure cuffs, and other personal healthcare and fitness devices, is releasing a breathing disturbance monitor. Built into its Sleep tracking mat, the technology can detect many of the instances when a person’s breathing is interrupted. These events can be signs of sleep a (Read more...)

Omeo Evolution 1 Wheelchair for Off-Road Adventures

Conventional wheelchairs can only go where the ground is relatively smooth and flat, which means nature is mostly out of bounds to those that can’t walk. A new wheelchair developed by Omeo Technology, a company out of New Zealand, allows people to go off-road and visit new places. The Omeo Evolution 1 has only two […]