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Deep Learning System to Track Patient Recovery

Researchers from Stanford University have developed a new tool to track patient recovery in a hospital setting. They have created a deep learning-based system to see if patients are able to perform mobility tasks, such as getting in and out of bed or sitting in a chair. In an ICU setting, improved mobility is associated […]

Withings Releases Breathing Disturbance Sleep Monitor

Withings, the famous French maker of stylish activity trackers, blood pressure cuffs, and other personal healthcare and fitness devices, is releasing a breathing disturbance monitor. Built into its Sleep tracking mat, the technology can detect many of the instances when a person’s breathing is interrupted. These events can be signs of sleep a (Read more...)

Omeo Evolution 1 Wheelchair for Off-Road Adventures

Conventional wheelchairs can only go where the ground is relatively smooth and flat, which means nature is mostly out of bounds to those that can’t walk. A new wheelchair developed by Omeo Technology, a company out of New Zealand, allows people to go off-road and visit new places. The Omeo Evolution 1 has only two […]

Smart Cane Works as Activity Tracker

There are all kinds of activity trackers out there, but in many cases these devices just can’t provide the proper data. Once a person starts using a cane, for example, monitoring their movements throughout the day becomes difficult when using a wrist-worn tracker. Researchers at the University of Malaga in Spain have now developed a [… (Read more...)

Toyota VR Simulation Lets People Experience Visual Diseases

Toyota, the auto company, has been investing resources into using virtual reality to help it build cars, design safety systems, and educate the public about safe driving habits. Its Swedish division has just unveiled a new simulation that can reproduce how people with a variety of visual conditions perceive the world around them. The simulation [&h (Read more...)

Researchers Give Animals Infrared Vision

Even those of us with perfect vision are actually blind in some ways. Many birds can see ultraviolet light and snakes can detect infrared, something we don’t have the right retinal cells for. But now researchers at University of Massachusetts Medical School and University of Science and Technology of China have shown that it may soo (Read more...)

ErgoJack Smart Vest Prevents Injuries at Work

Construction, factory, and farm workers, among others, tend to put a lot of strain on their backs. It’s no surprise that back problems are common in such professions. Paying attention to one’s posture and being careful to avoid putting too much demand on the bones and muscles of the back can certainly help, but not […]

Custom Tuned Hearing Aids from Comfort of Home: Interview with Adam Karp and Dr. Harvey Abrams of Lively

Lively, a New York-based hearing aid provider, has recently announced their online platform for customers to take virtual hearing tests, purchase hearing aids, and receive videocall support from doctors to fine-tune their hearing aids. The platform represents a telemedicine solution for the hearing-impaired, and allows people to receive treatment f (Read more...)

Innovative Skin to Electrically Power Prosthetic Devices

Powered prosthetic devices need a great deal of electricity to energize them throughout the day. Researchers at the University of Glasgow in Scotland have developed a combination electronic “skin” that can generate and store electricity for prosthetic devices. The technology consists of layers of a finely tuned graphite-polyurethane com (Read more...)

Highly Dexterous Prosthetic Arm Gives Users Sensations

A woman in Sweden became the first person in the world to receive an osseo-neuromuscular hand prosthesis that is impressively accurate and that can even transmit sensations back to its user. The device is integrated with the patient’s remaining natural arm unlike anything else out there. It is the culmination of the DeTOP (Dexterous Transradi (Read more...)