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Glasses with Green Lenses Help Kids with Dyslexia to Read

Researchers at the São Paulo State University in Brazil and Paris Diderot University in France have for the first time conclusively showed that green light filter can help children overcome symptoms of dyslexia. Specifically, nine and ten year-old children with dyslexia improved their reading time significantly when using green col (Read more...)

Researchers Use Novel Machine Learning Strategy to Accelerate Brain-Computer Interface Training

Brain-computer interfaces are typically systems which measure neural activity and convert it into artificial output. These systems have shown great potential for assisted movement in patients with motor impairments. The interfaces typically work by directing the patient to think about making a movement and allowing the system to repeatedly record t (Read more...)

Feed.fm Brings Music to Mobile Health with Launch of Health.fm: Interview with CEO Jeff Yasuda

Studies have shown that listening to music can have clinically-beneficial side effects from lowering cortisol hormone levels that cause stress and anxiety to correlating highly with verbal memory improvement in stroke patients when compared to patients not listening to music. Seeking to leverage its existing music expertise and enter the mobile hea (Read more...)

Spinal Cord Epidural Stimulation Lets Paralyzed Walk Again

While paralysis is common following a serious spinal injury, it seems that many patients may be treated with a new therapy that has already proven to restore walking and standing in a few study volunteers. Researchers at University of Louisville in Kentucky, reporting in New England Journal of Medicine, combined spinal cord epidural stimulatio (Read more...)

Talking Through Skin May Help Disabled People Communicate

Many disabilities create communication limitations for patients and many of these limitations still have poor technological solutions. A new method of sending messages to people, neither through text nor speech, has been developed in a collaboration between Purdue University, MIT, and Facebook. Their prototype device is a wrist pad that has a serie (Read more...)

dayzz, An Evidence-Based, Personalized Sleep Training App for Employers, Interview with CEO Amir Inditzky

In addition to fatigue, high blood pressure, and weight gain experienced by individuals with chronically poor sleep, productivity and performance in the workplace are also known to suffer. Sleep deprivation, for example, can cost employers up to six lost working days and $2,762 in financial impact annually per employee. Today, the American Academy (Read more...)