Progression Pattern of Initial Parafoveal Scotomas in Glaucoma

Objective: To characterize the progression pattern of initial parafoveal scotomas (IPFSs) using cross-sectional and longitudinal 10-2 visual field (VF) data. Design: Retrospective, observational study. Participants: Glaucoma patients with an IPFS in either hemifield based on 2 reliable 24-2 Swedish interactive threshold algorithm standard VFs (≥3 adjacent points with P<0.05 within the central 10° of fixation, 1 point or more with P<0.01 lying at the innermost paracentral points, and no scotoma outside the central 10°) and at least 2 10-2 VFs (first and last VFs 1 year or more apart). Methods: (Read more...)

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