Comparative Evaluation of Topical versus Intrastromal Voriconazole as an Adjunct to Natamycin in Recalcitrant Fungal Keratitis

Objective: To compare the efficacy of topical voriconazole and topical natamycin with that of intrastromal voriconazole and topical natamycin in patients with recalcitrant fungal keratitis. Design: Randomized clinical trial. Participants: Forty eyes of 40 patients with fungal keratitis (positive smear or culture results or both) larger than 2 mm, involving up to two thirds of the stromal depth, and not responding to topical natamycin therapy for 2 weeks were recruited. Intervention: The patients were randomized to receive either topical 1% voriconazole therapy (n = 20) or intrastromal injections of voriconazole (Read more...)

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