Scleral Necrosis after Plaque Radiotherapy of Uveal Melanoma: A Case-Control Study

Purpose: To identify risk factors and outcome of scleral necrosis after plaque radiotherapy of uveal melanoma. Design: Case-control study. Participants: A total of 73 cases with scleral necrosis and 73 controls without necrosis after plaque radiotherapy. Controls were matched for anteroposterior tumor epicenter and follow-up duration. Intervention: Plaque radiotherapy with iodine-125, cobalt-60, iridium-192, or ruthenium-106. Main Outcome Measures: Scleral necrosis. Results: Of 5057 patients treated with plaque radiotherapy for uveal melanoma, 73 (1%) developed radiotherapy-induced scleral necrosis. Scleral necrosis occurred in <1% of patients (3/1140) when plaque radiotherapy was used (Read more...)

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