Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis-like Disease in Adults – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To identify clinical, demographic, immunologic, and health-related quality-of-life data from a cohort of vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC) patients with the onset of the disease after puberty (VKC-like disease).Design: Retrospective, observational case series.Methods: Forty-nine patients with late-onset VKC-like disease from among 600 consecutive VKC patients. History of disease, test results for allergen sensitivity, signs and symptoms, impact of disease on work productivity, health-related quality of life, and treatment satisfaction were assessed. In addition, multiplex bead analysis for Th1/Th2 cytokines were carried out in tear samples from 20 VKC patients (10 adults and 10 children) and from 10 normal subjects.Results: A family (Read more...)

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