Oraya IRay Update 2: INTREPID Two-year Results Meet Primary Clinical Endpoint – Results in At Least 35% Fewer anti-VEGF Injections — Oraya Joins with Optegra to Provide Treatments in the UK

The last time we checked in on Oraya in May 2011, the company had announced it had completed enrollment in its INTREPID clinical trial, being conducted at seven European sites with the enrollment of a minimum of 150 patients. (Oraya IRay Update: Company Completes Enrollment in European Clinical Trial)

The INTREPID trial is the first sham-controlled double-masked study to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of a one-time radiation therapy in conjunction with as-needed anti-VEGF injections for the treatment of wet AMD. A total of 21 sites in five European countries participated in the trial with a total enrollment (Read more...)

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