Prevalence and Causes of Visual Impairment in Asian and Non-Hispanic White Preschool Children: Multi-Ethnic Pediatric Eye Disease Study – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To determine the prevalence and causes of decreased visual acuity (VA). Design: Population-based cross-sectional study. Participants: Multi-ethnic sample of children 30 to 72 months of age identified in Los Angeles. Methods: All eligible children underwent a comprehensive ophthalmic evaluation including monocular VA testing, cover testing, cycloplegic autorefraction, fundus evaluation, and VA retesting with refractive correction. Decreased VA was defined as presenting or best-measured VA worse than 20/50 in children 30 to 47 months of age and worse than 20/40 for children 48 months of age and older. The prevalence and causes of decreased VA were determined, for both presenting (Read more...)

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