Conjunctivochalasis Interferes with Tear Flow from Fornix to Tear Meniscus – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To determine whether conjunctivochalasis (CCh) interferes with tear flow from the fornix to the tear meniscus and depletes the fornix tear reservoir. Design: Comparative case series. Participants: The study group of 24 CCh patients (8 asymptomatic and 16 symptomatic), 9 of whom underwent operative correction, was compared with a control group of 13 normal subjects. Methods: After instilling a 5-μl fluorescein drop into the inferior fornix, the inferior tear meniscus was depleted using a capillary tube. The tear meniscus height, with and without blinking, was recorded and calculated by video meniscometer from sequential captured images. Main Outcome Measures: The (Read more...)

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