Correction of Visual Impairment by Cataract Surgery and Improved Survival in Older Persons: The Blue Mountains Eye Study Cohort – Corrected Proof

Objective: We assessed whether correction of visual impairment (VI) by cataract surgery was associated with improved long-term survival in an older Australian population.Design: Population-based cohort study.Participants: In the Blue Mountains Eye Study, 354 participants, aged ≥49 years, had both cataract and VI or had undergone cataract surgery before baseline examinations. They were subsequently examined after 5- and 10-year follow-ups.Methods: Associations between the mortality risk and the surgical correction of VI (visual acuity [VA] <20/40, attributable to cataract) were assessed in Cox proportional hazard regression models, after multivariate adjustment, using time-dependent variables for the study factor.Main Outcome Measures: All-cause mortality.Results: The (Read more...)

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