Impairment of Lacrimal Secretion in the Unaffected Fellow Eye of Patients with Recurrent Unilateral Herpetic Keratitis – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To assess the impact of recurrent unilateral herpetic keratitis (HK) on the tear secretion of the unaffected fellow eye.Design: Prospective, noninterventional study.Participants and Controls: Thirty-five patients with a history of recurrent unilateral HK (clinically quiescent for at least 3 months) (HK group) and 35 patients who were age- and sex-matched with no history of corneal disease (control group).Methods: Tear osmolarity, tear instability (tear break-up time [TBUT]), tear reflex (Schirmer's I test), and central corneal sensitivity with the Cochet–Bonnet esthesiometer (Luneau, France) were measured in the HK and control groups.Main Outcome Measures: Tear osmolarity, TBUT, Schirmer's I, and central corneal (Read more...)

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