Human Corneal Anatomy Redefined: A Novel Pre-Descemet’s Layer (Dua’s Layer) – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To define and characterize a novel pre-Descemet's layer in the human cornea.Design: Clinical and experimental study.Participants: We included 31 human donor sclerocorneal discs, including 6 controls (mean age, 77.7 years).Methods: Air was injected into the stroma of donor whole globes (n = 4) and sclerocorneal discs (n = 21) as in the clinical deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty procedure with the big bubble (BB) technique. The following experiments were performed: (1) creation of BB followed by peeling of the Descemet's membrane (DM); (2) peeling off of the DM followed by creation of the BB, and (3) creation of the BB and continued (Read more...)

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