A Randomized Trial of Increasing Patching for Amblyopia – Corrected Proof

Objective: After treatment with refractive correction and patching, some patients have residual amblyopia resulting from strabismus or anisometropia. We conducted a clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of increasing prescribed daily patching from 2 to 6 hours in children with stable residual amblyopia.Design: Prospective, randomized, multicenter clinical trial.Participants: A total of 169 children aged 3 to <8 years (mean, 5.9 years) with stable residual amblyopia (20/32–20/160) after 2 hours of daily patching for at least 12 weeks.Intervention: Random assignment to continue 2 hours of daily patching or increase patching time to an average of 6 hours/day.Main Outcome Measures: Best-corrected visual (Read more...)

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