Ciliary Body Medulloepithelioma: Analysis of 41 Cases – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To describe the clinical features, histopathology, treatment, and outcomes of ciliary body medulloepithelioma.Design: Retrospective study.Participants: Forty-one patients with medulloepithelioma.Intervention: Cryotherapy, plaque radiotherapy, external beam radiotherapy, tumor removal by partial lamellar sclerouvectomy (PLSU), or enucleation.Main Outcome Measures: Metastasis and death.Results: Of 41 patients with ciliary body medulloepithelioma, the median age at diagnosis was 5 years. The mean tumor basal diameter was 11 mm, and the mean tumor thickness was 7 mm. Related features included secondary glaucoma (n = 18, 44%), iris neovascularization (n = 21, 51%), cataract (n = 19, 46%), lens subluxation (n = 11, 27%), lens coloboma (n (Read more...)

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