Endoscopic Transethmoidal Approach with or without Medial Rectus Detachment for Orbital Apical Cavernous Hemangiomas – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To determine the indications for the addition of a transcaruncular approach along with detachment of the medial rectus muscle during the removal of small apical cavernous hemangiomas using an endoscopic transethmoidal approach.Design: Retrospective, noncomparative case series.Methods: Multicenter study of 12 patients with apical orbital tumors removed using an endoscopic transethmoidal approach. The decision to detach the medial rectus muscle with the addition of a transcaruncular approach was made during surgery for tumors largely lateral to the medial rectus muscle. Tumors adjacent to the medial orbital wall were removed via an endoscopic transethmoidal approach alone.Results: Seven tumors were removed via (Read more...)

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