Bupivacaine Injection Remodels Extraocular Muscles and Corrects Comitant Strabismus – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To evaluate the clinical effectiveness and anatomic changes resulting from bupivacaine injection into extraocular muscles to treat comitant horizontal strabismus.Design: Prospective, observational clinical series.Participants: Thirty-one comitant horizontal strabismus patients.Methods: Nineteen patients with esotropia received bupivacaine injections in the lateral rectus muscle, and 12 patients with exotropia received bupivacaine injections in the medial rectus. Sixteen of these, with large strabismus angles, also received botulinum type A toxin injections in the antagonist muscle at the same treatment session. A second treatment was given to 13 patients who had residual strabismus after the first treatment.Main Outcome Measures: Clinical alignment measures and muscle (Read more...)

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