Intraocular Pressure Fluctuation During Microincision Vitrectomy With Constellation Vision System – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To investigate intraocular pressure (IOP) fluctuation during various vitrectomy maneuvers using the vitrectomy system (Alcon Constellation Vision System).Design: An experimental study as laboratory investigation.Methods: In porcine eyes, 23- and 25-gauge vitrectomy was performed, and IOP fluctuations were evaluated in vitreous cutting mode, in aspiration mode, and during scleral compression. The measurements were performed with the IOP control setting turned on or off.Results: Using the 23-gauge system with the IOP control setting turned on, IOP decreased from 30 to 23.7 mm Hg after starting vitreous cutting, and then returned to 30 mm Hg in 2.6 seconds. When the IOP control setting was (Read more...)

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