Risk Factors, Microbiological Profile, and Treatment Outcomes of Pediatric Microbial Keratitis in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Hong Kong – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To report the risk factors and microbiological profile of pediatric microbial keratitis cases in a tertiary care hospital in Hong Kong.Design: Retrospective study.Methods: Case records of patients <18 years old with microbial keratitis were reviewed over a period of 10 years, between January 2001 and December 2010. Risk factors, microbiological profile, and treatment outcomes were analyzed.Results: Overall, 18 patients (13 female, 5 male) with unilateral microbial keratitis were included. The mean age was 12.4 years (range: 3-17 years). The most commonly associated risk factor was contact lens wear (15, 83.3%). Seven cases (38.8%) were associated with orthokeratology lenses. Two (Read more...)

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