Choroidal Lymphoma: Clinical Features and Association with Systemic Lymphoma – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To describe the clinical and histopathologic features of choroidal lymphoma (CL) and its association with systemic lymphoma.Design: Observational case series.Participants: Fifty-nine patients (73 eyes) with CL.Methods: Retrospective chart review.Main Outcome Measures: Clinical features, histopathology, and systemic lymphoma.Results: Of 59 patients with CL, systemic lymphoma was absent in 41 (primary CL; 69%) and present in 18 (secondary CL; 31%). Of 18 patients with systemic lymphoma at presentation, 14 (78%) had known systemic lymphoma and 4 (22%) were diagnosed with systemic lymphoma shortly after presentation. The most common types of systemic lymphoma in patients with secondary CL were diffuse large cell (Read more...)

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