The Relationship between Better-Eye and Integrated Visual Field Mean Deviation and Visual Disability – Corrected Proof

Objective: To determine the extent of difference between better-eye visual field (VF) mean deviation (MD) and integrated VF (IVF) MD among Salisbury Eye Evaluation (SEE) subjects and a larger group of glaucoma clinic subjects and to assess how those measures relate to objective and subjective measures of ability/performance in SEE subjects.Design: Retrospective analysis of population- and clinic-based samples of adults.Participants: A total of 490 SEE and 7053 glaucoma clinic subjects with VF loss (MD ≤−3 decibels [dB] in at least 1 eye).Methods: Visual field testing was performed in each eye, and IVF MD was calculated. Differences between better-eye and IVF (Read more...)

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