Extended Depth of Focus With Induced Spherical Aberration in Light-Adjustable Intraocular Lenses – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To evaluate the quality of vision and depth of focus induced by controlled amounts of negative spherical aberration in patients implanted bilaterally with light-adjustable intraocular lenses.Design: Prospective, nonrandomized clinical trial.Methods: Seventeen patients were implanted and treated with appropriate spatial irradiance light profiles. One eye was set for emmetropia, and the fellow eye received an additional aspheric light treatment to induce controlled amounts of negative spherical aberration. We used a Hartmann-Shack sensor to measure the eye's refraction and aberrations for a 4-mm pupil diameter. Decimal visual acuity (VA) was measured using a micro-display placed at 10 m, 60 cm, 40 cm, and (Read more...)

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