Ocular and Optical Coherence Tomography–Based Corneal Aberrometry in Keratoconic Eyes Treated by Intracorneal Ring Segments – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To analyze corneal and total aberrations using custom-developed anterior segment spectral optical coherence tomography (OCT) and laser ray tracing in keratoconic eyes implanted with intracorneal ring segments (ICRS).Design: Evaluation of technology. Prospective study. Case series.Methods: Nineteen keratoconic eyes were measured before and after ICRS surgery. Anterior and posterior corneal topographic and pachymetric maps were obtained pre- and postoperatively from 3-dimensional OCT images of the anterior segment, following automatic image analysis and distortion correction. The pupil center coordinates were used as reference for estimation of corneal aberrations. Corneal aberrations were estimated by computational ray tracing on the anterior and posterior (Read more...)

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