Natural History and Retinal Structure in Patients with Usher Syndrome Type 1 Owing to MYO7A Mutation – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To evaluate the phenotypic variability and natural history of ocular disease in a cohort of 28 individuals with MYO7A-related disease. Mutations in the MYO7A gene are the most common cause of Usher syndrome type 1, characterized by profound congenital deafness, vestibular arreflexia, and progressive retinal degeneration.Design: Retrospective case series.Participants: Twenty-eight patients from 26 families (age range, 3–65 years; median, 32) with 2 likely disease-causing variants in MYO7A.Methods: Clinical investigations included fundus photography, optical coherence tomography, fundus autofluorescence (FAF) imaging, and audiologic and vestibular assessments. Longitudinal visual acuity and FAF data (over a 3-year period) were available for 20 and (Read more...)

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