A multivariate analysis and statistical model for predicting visual acuity and keratometry one year after crosslinking for keratoconus – Accepted Manuscript

Abstract: Purpose: To investigate putative prognostic factors for predicting visual acuity and keratometry one year following corneal cross-linking (CXL) for treating keratoconus.Design: Prospective cohort study.Methods: This study included all consecutively treated keratoconus patients (102 eyes) in one academic treatment centre, with minimal one-year follow-up following CXL. Primary treatment outcomes were corrected distance visual acuity (logMAR CDVA) and maximum keratometry (Kmax). Univariable analyses were performed to determine correlations between baseline parameters and follow-up measurements. Correlating factors (P≤0.20) were then entered into a multivariable linear regression analysis, and a model for predicting CDVA and Kmax was created.Results: Atopic constitution, positive family history (Read more...)

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