Clinical Manifestations of Patients with Intraocular Inflammation and Positive QuantiFERON–TB Gold In-Tube Test in a Country Non-endemic for Tuberculosis – Accepted Manuscript

Abstract: Purpose: To evaluate clinical manifestations of patients with uveitis and scleritis of unknown origin and positive QuantiFERON–TB test Gold In-Tube (quantiferon) in a country not endemic for tuberculosis.Design: Multicentre retrospective cohort study.Methods: Retrospective review of the clinical, laboratory and imaging data of 77 patients. Main outcome measures consisted of ocular and systemic features as well as results of laboratory examinations.Results: Out of all, 60/71 (85%) were living for at least 6 months in tuberculosis-endemic regions. Location of uveitis was variable; posterior uveitis 29/77 (38%) was the most frequent. Two clinical entities were commonly noted, retinal occlusive vasculitis (21/77; 27%) (Read more...)

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