Defining the Limits of Normal Conjunctival Fornix Anatomy in a Healthy South Asian Population – Corrected Proof

Purpose: Quantifying the extent of conjunctival fibrosis for documentation of progression in conjunctival scarring disease is a clinical challenge. Measurement of forniceal foreshortening facilitates monitoring of these disorders. This study aims (1) to define the limits of the normal human conjunctival fornices and how these alter with age and (2) to provide normative data for upper and lower fornix depths (FDs) and fornix intercanthal distance (FICD) within a healthy South Asian, racially distinct population.Design: Epidemiologic, cross-sectional study.Participants: A total of 240 subjects with national origins from South Asia, with no known ocular history and normal adnexal and conjunctival examination, aged (Read more...)

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