Comparison of refractive stability after non-toric versus toric intraocular lens implantation during cataract surgery – Accepted Manuscript

Abstract: Purpose: To compare refractive state changes in eyes implanted with toric intraocular lenses (IOLs) versus non-toric IOLs, after cataract extraction.Design: Retrospective, comparative.Methods: In a single-institution, 121 eyes underwent phacoemulsification and implantation with either non-toric IOLs (AcrySof® IQ SN60WF) or toric IOLs (AcrySof® Toric IOL). The spherical value, cylindrical value, spherical equivalent (SE) of refractive error, and visual acuity were measured preoperatively and 1, 3, and 6 months after surgery. Main outcome measures were the pattern of changes of spherical, cylindrical, and SE values based on postoperative time, between different IOL types.Results: The groups included patients who underwent surgery with (Read more...)

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