Androgen Receptor Identification in the Diagnosis of Eyelid Sebaceous Carcinomas – Accepted Manuscript

Abstract: Purpose: To assess the role of androgen receptor detection in diagnosing eyelid sebaceous carcinomas and compare it with that of adipophilin.Design: Retrospective clinicopathologic study.Methods: Ten sebaceous carcinomas (eight invasive, two intraepithelial only) were immunohistochemically stained for androgen receptors and compared with adipophilin staining. Receptor staining was also performed on benign sebaceous tumors (a sebaceoma and an adenoma), and as controls on eyelid basal cell carcinomas, eyelid squamous cell carcinomas, conjunctival squamous dysplasias and conjunctival melanomas.Results: All eight patients with an invasive component of sebaceous carcinoma had a biopsy in which the tumor cells were diffusely androgen receptor positive (>20% (Read more...)

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