Comparison of Hoffer Q and Haigis Formulae for Intraocular Lens Power Calculation according to the Anterior Chamber Depth in Short Eyes – Accepted Manuscript

Abstract: Purpose: To compare the accuracy of the Hoffer Q and Haigis formulae according to the anterior chamber depth (ACD) in cases of short axial length (AL).Design: Retrospective cross-sectional studyMethods: A total of 75 eyes from 75 patients with an AL of less than 22.0 mm implanted with an Acrysof IQ intraocular lens (IOL) were enrolled. The median absolute errors (MedAEs) predicted by the Hoffer Q and Haigis formulae were compared. The correlations between ACD and the predicted refractive error calculated using the two formulae were analyzed.Results: There were no significant differences in the MedAEs predicted by the Hoffer Q (Read more...)

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