Endophthalmitis Caused by Streptococcal Species: Clinical Settings, Microbiology, Management, and Outcomes – Accepted Manuscript

Abstract: Purpose: To report the clinical settings, antibiotic susceptibilities, and outcomes of endophthalmitis caused by Streptococcus species.Study Design: Retrospective, observational case series.Methods: Single-center study evaluating all patients with culture-positive endophthalmitis caused by Streptococcus species between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2011.Results: Study criteria were met by 63 patients. The most common clinical settings were bleb-associated (17, 27%), post-intravitreal injection (16, 25%), and post-cataract surgery (13, 21%). The isolates were S. viridans (47, 71%), S. pneumoniae (13, 21%), and β-hemolytic Streptococci (5, 8%). Sixty (95%) of 63 isolates were susceptible to vancomycin, 47 (98%) of 48 to ceftriaxone (third generation (Read more...)

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