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Toyota VR Simulation Lets People Experience Visual Diseases

Toyota, the auto company, has been investing resources into using virtual reality to help it build cars, design safety systems, and educate the public about safe driving habits. Its Swedish division has just unveiled a new simulation that can reproduce how people with a variety of visual conditions perceive the world around them. The simulation [&h (Read more...)

Fenwal Amicus Red Blood Cell Exchange System

Fresenius Kabi, a company based in Bad Homburg, Germany, announced that its Fenwal Amicus Red Blood Cell Exchange (RBCx) system won clearance from the FDA. The device can automatically remove patient’s blood cells and replace them with another fluid, particularly useful when treating sickle cell disease. The system can perform exchange, (Read more...)

Researchers Give Animals Infrared Vision

Even those of us with perfect vision are actually blind in some ways. Many birds can see ultraviolet light and snakes can detect infrared, something we don’t have the right retinal cells for. But now researchers at University of Massachusetts Medical School and University of Science and Technology of China have shown that it may soo (Read more...)

Early Bird – Register by Friday, March 8, for the 8th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West Discounted Rate

This is the last week to register at the discounted Early Bird rates for the 8th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West, taking place April 24–26 at The Westgate Hotel in San Diego. This conference is the ideal venue for medical device marketer to share best practices for optimizing their digital strategy for (Read more...)

Blood Test for Early Stage Cancer Diagnosis: Interview with Dr. Van Etten, CMO of Laboratory for Advanced Medicine

The Laboratory for Advanced Medicine (LAM), a biotechnology company headquartered in the US, offers non-invasive, early stage cancer detection tests that will use the IvyGene Platform. These IvyGene tests are based on detecting genomic DNA shed by cancer cells into the blood stream. By assessing cell-free DNA found in blood samples, the company can (Read more...)

Robocath R-One Robotic Angioplasty System Cleared in Europe

Robocath, based in Rouen, France, landed European regulatory approval to introduce its R-One robotic catheterization system. The R-One provides interventional cardiologists a way to precisely advance and manipulate catheter-based tools while remaining apart from patients and not exposed to dangerous X-rays. The company believes that the system can (Read more...)

Digital Health: The Next Big Exit for the Startup Nation?

When people refer to Israel as the “Startup Nation,” it’s usually regarding the country’s innovation in computers, networking, communications, electronics, and so on. But it might be even more appropriate to use that term when discussing life sciences, medical technology, and biotech – areas where Israeli companies and (Read more...)

ErgoJack Smart Vest Prevents Injuries at Work

Construction, factory, and farm workers, among others, tend to put a lot of strain on their backs. It’s no surprise that back problems are common in such professions. Paying attention to one’s posture and being careful to avoid putting too much demand on the bones and muscles of the back can certainly help, but not […]

BewellConnect MyTens PRO: A Medgadget Review

BewellConnect’s MyTens PRO is a mobile and wireless TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) device that has been medically approved and cleared by the FDA. TENS is a widely known technique that provides pain relief or muscle stimulation using mild electrical currents. The typical TENS unit comes with a handheld central control unit (Read more...)

Google and Verily Roll Out Automated Eye Screenings in India

Verily, the life sciences research arm of Alphabet, and Google, the original part of the now giant company, are launching in India a screening program to identify people with diabetic retinopathy (DR) and diabetic macular edema (DME). The program relies on an automated machine learning algorithm, developed over the past few years by Verily and (Read more...)