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Smartphone App Detects Opioid Overdose

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a smartphone app that can detect if someone is experiencing an opioid overdose. The app uses sonar to monitor the breathing rate of a user, which it can do from up to three feet away, to assess if someone is experiencing an overdose. So far, the technology […]

Embr Wave Cools or Heats Body on Demand: CES 2019

Whether we feel warm or cold is really dependent on how the brain interprets numerous signals it receives from the body. Temporarily fooling the brain to perceive warmth on cold days and coolness on hot days is the work of Embr, a company formed by researchers from MIT. Embr developed a device that is worn […]

Medically Home Brings The Hospital Room to The House

Modern technological advancements have revolutionized the delivery of mail, how finances are handled, and many other spheres of our lives. We used to go to the bank and post office quite often, but most people deal with these places from a distance now. Medical care still mostly requires patients to visit their hospital, clinic, or […]

BrainCarta Maps Creates Maps for Brain Surgeries: CES 2019

Brain surgery is a complicated business, requiring utmost precision when excising tumors and other maladies. BrainCarta, a Dutch firm, is showing off its Elonav technology that uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans to create maps of lesions and provide helpful analysis about the nearby anatomy. The firm believes that Elonav can he (Read more...)

3M Body Worn Medical Adhesives at CES 2019

Adhesives are constantly used on patients in hospitals and now with wearables that attach directly to the body there’s greater need for new products that expand capabilities. Wearables require extended usage and adhesives that can last for days on the body have to stay on through sweat, being pulled and pushed, and that can breathe […]

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The future of music is for everyone—even the deaf

How Avnet helped an award-winning tech incubator take one of the most complex wearables from “possibly” to “possible” For Mick Ebeling, CEO of Not Impossible Labs, the fact that the deaf can’t experience music in the same way as the hearing seemed absurd. While “hearing” music does involve the different par (Read more...)

Biodegradable Implantable Blood Flow Sensor

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a biodegradable blood flow sensor that can be wrapped around an artery during vascular surgery, and then monitor blood flow thereafter. The battery- and wire-free device can let a clinician know if a vessel is blocked, helping them to address complications after surgery before they become a signific (Read more...)

Domalys Fall Prevention System at CES 2019

Domalys is a French company we discovered at CES 2019 that develops technologies to help the elderly with everyday life. In particular, the company created its Aladin smart lamp that monitors an elderly person while they’re at home, detects abnormal patterns in activity, and aims to prevent falls and other common injuries. The device lights [ (Read more...)

Near Infrared Food Shelf Life Scanner

Spoiled food is a global problem and people end up sick all the time. Modern methods of detecting spoiled food include smelling it, looking for moldy spots, and arguing with your spouse whether a given item is ready to be thrown in the trash. Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation […]