Surgical Treatment of High Myopia

emAlthough several excellent modalities are available for correcting high myopia, the surgical treatment of this
condition remains one of the biggest challenges for refractive surgeons. Selecting the safest and most appropriate
technique for e…

Building a referral network in the 21st Century

The concept of the comanagement of patients
between ophthalmologists and optometrists and
the associated development of a referral network
have been a part of how eye care is delivered for
more than 30 years. As with any idea that has been put…

Perspectives on Canaloplasty

The field of glaucoma is undergoing a surgical renaissance
with the development of new shunts and
stents and rapidly evolving surgical techniques
such as canaloplasty. In this installment of “Inside,” experienced canaloplasty s…


h4Nighttime Refraction Feature for the PSF Refractor/h4
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Controlling Perioperative Inflammation

What is your regimen for controlling
inflammation perioperatively for routine
cataract surgery, LASIK, and PRK?

h4Randy J. Epstein, MD/h4

For PRK, I use generic diclofenac q.i.d. for 4 days postoperatively
and then ask patients…