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Chatbots in Healthcare: Interview with John Fitzpatrick, VP of Media and Engagement at precisioneffect

Chatbots are increasingly common and a variety of websites use these automated chat systems to field user questions and provide direction and information. With advances in AI, chatbot interactions are becoming more sophisticated and have the potential to provide useful and meaningful engagement with a target audience. The technology has the advanta (Read more...)

G-Med, An International Social Platform for Physicians: Interview with CEO Ilan Ben Ezri

Scientific researchers commonly collaborate beyond their specific institutions, and sometimes even their field, with peers around the world studying related subjects and solving adjacent challenges. Physicians, on the other hand, are typically limited to their immediate practice or physician colleagues for input on complex cases or insights into ch (Read more...)

Researchers Use YouTube to Study Dog Bites

The causes of dog bites are poorly understood, but the topic causes quite a bit of emotion on all sides of the issue, be it dog owners, people who are afraid of dogs, or those that believe only certain species are dangerous. Researchers at University of Liverpool wanted to study this issue, so they turned […]

Spying on Your Social Media and Searches to Fight STDs

Researchers at University of California, Los Angeles and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied whether certain search terms that are used on Google and topics covered on Twitter can point to a outbreak of a contagious disease. They focused on syphilis and found that by monitoring the incidence of certain terms, such as “STD&rdquo (Read more...)

Google’s Deep Learning Software Analyzes Retinal Images for Signs of Cardiovascular Risk

Google has been tinkering in the field of medicine over the last few years, including developing a prototype electronic contact lens. The company’s latest health project involves detecting cardiovascular conditions by analyzing the vasculature of the retina. The researchers built a deep learning system that processed data from two datasets co (Read more...)