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Google’s Deep Learning Software Analyzes Retinal Images for Signs of Cardiovascular Risk

Google has been tinkering in the field of medicine over the last few years, including developing a prototype electronic contact lens. The company’s latest health project involves detecting cardiovascular conditions by analyzing the vasculature of the retina. The researchers built a deep learning system that processed data from two datasets co (Read more...)

Heart Rate Variability, A Real-Time Method of Health Monitoring: An Interview with Jason Moore of Elite HRV

Elite HRV, creators of a heart rate variability (HRV) app and platform, has recently launched CorSense, their new HRV device, on Kickstarter that raised $100,000 within the first 48 hours. The company’s popular HRV app is available for download on your mobile device. HRV is a complex biomarker that acts as a comprehensive “check-engine (Read more...)

“OK Google!” Researched for Medical Conversations

Medical transcription is often seen as one of the more mundane tasks that need to be done in the doctor’s office. Yet, it’s vitally important for making sure that medical records are accurate, and that all of the physician’s observations, orders, and conversations with patients is properly documented. Google wanted to see if  (Read more...)

Smartphone Using Its Camera Can Assess Heart Health

A group of researchers in California has developed a smartphone app that can be used to evaluate some aspects of heart health, potentially replacing in some cases more complicated procedures like ultrasound or MRI. In patients with heart failure it is important for doctors to assess how effective the heart is at pumping blood around […]

Algorithm Makes Smartwatches More Effective Movement Trackers

Researchers at the University of Sussex in the UK have devised an algorithm that helps smartwatches track activity more effectively by learning new movements as they happen, rather than just having a limited number of pre-programmed activities they can recognize. Wearable devices to track movement are currently very popular. At the moment, the (Read more...)