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Tiny Paper Pumps to Power Microfluidic Devices

Microfluidic technology promises to make a lot of medical tests, that are currently expensive and difficult to perform, a lot cheaper, easier, and more portable. While there’s been a tremendous amount of progress in this field, challenges remain. One is that microfluidic devices coming out of labs are often powered by much larger, external pu (Read more...)

DNA Computer Can Sense Multiple Antibody Inputs, With Potential for Smart Drug Delivery

Researchers at the University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands have developed a DNA computer that can respond to the presence of specific antibodies and make calculations, with the potential for intelligent drug delivery in the future. DNA computing involves using DNA molecules and other molecular biological components as molecular circuitry, instea (Read more...)

Adaptive Liquid Lenses and Smartphones Shrink Digital Pathology Into a Tiny Portable Device

At Ohio State University researchers have developed a portable pathology slide scanner that uses a smartphone to image, display, and share the scans. Unlike conventional microscopy, digital pathology devices image the entire slide and therefore provide a much wider field of view. This makes it easier to identify tissues that may be a and indicator (Read more...)

PerkinElmer’s New Vectra Polaris Automated Quantitative Pathology System for Studying Cancer Immunotherapies

PerkinElmer is releasing a new automated quantitative pathology system, the Vectra Polaris. It was developed to help study how cancer immunotherapies are affecting their targets and nearby tissues. The machine is able to detect multiple immunohistochemical stains simultaneously thanks to multispectral imaging using seven colors, allowing for m (Read more...)