3m Littmann Stethoscope Now with ECG, PCG Superpowers

Modern technologies allow clinicians to assess the heart in all sorts of ways (electrocardiography (ECG), ultrasound, phonocardiography (PCG)), and just about anywhere. Yet, this reality is nowhere near ubiquitous because of high costs, interoperability issues, legacy tools, and frequent dependence on performing exams in a clinical setting by train (Read more...)

First Cardiac Contractility Modulation Device Approved by FDA

Most cardiac implants, such as pacemakers and AICDs, are designed to correct the underlying heart’s rhythm, and synchronize atrial and ventricular contractions. That’s how these devices can improve cardiac performance in people with heart failure. They don’t do anything to boost the intrinsic myocardial contractility of the heart. (Read more...)

New Microscope Sees Large Groups of Neurons in Living Brains

Most current methods of looking at the activity of the brains of living animals are very limited in their field of view and/or frame rate. This makes it difficult to understand the complex activity taking place inside the brain that involves more than one small region of the organ. This is all rapidly changing as […]