Bioengineered Bone Grafts for Large Bone Defects

Researchers at the New York Stem Cell Foundation have developed a technique to produce bioengineered bone grafts for large bone defects, which are currently difficult to treat using conventional techniques. To deal with bone defects, clinicians currently use either synthetic materials or bone grafts from the patient or a donor. However, these graft (Read more...)

IngenioSpec’s Smart Eyewear for Seniors

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IngenioSpec offers patent-protected smart eyewear technologies for seniors. As the elderly population continues to grow, technologies for aging will become crucial for ensuring seniors’ well-being. Existing devices and services attempt to address some of these needs, but can be unwieldy and conspicuous. IngenioSpec technology envisions a discreet, stylish product combining the ultimate in ease-of-use with compact, lightweight electronics in an item many senior

LensGen gains funding for presbyopia technology

Series A funding of $11 million has been released to LensGen Inc. for further development of novel IOL technology intended to address presbyopia, according to a company press release.
A key clinical performance milestone triggered the release of funding as part of a $21 million funding series led by Hoya Group’s corporate investment arm, the release said.
In addition, LensGen, which is developing the “first modular, fluid-optic, curvature changing IOL,” received two broad and comprehensive patents from the U.S. Patent Office protecting its technology, the release said.