OCTANe 2018 Ophthalmology Technology Summit set for June 29

The OCTANe 2018 Ophthalmology Technology Summit will be held on Friday, June 29, and will feature key opinion leaders in ophthalmology and a keynote address from Brent Saunders, Allergan chairman, president and CEO.
The meeting, which will be held at Fashion Island Hotel in Newport Beach, California, will feature interviews and discussions with various luminaries in the field. Additionally, with OCTANe’s LaunchPad program and its affiliation with Visionary Ventures, many early-stage ophthalmology companies and investors will be in attendance, OCTANe CEO and President Bill Carpou told

Surgeon gives pearls on how to start with femtosecond laser-assisted phaco

MILAN — As technology improves, femtosecond laser-assisted phacoemulsification is more and more approximating perfection.
“At first my question was whether I should get started with it at all, and now I think it is a spectacular technology and definitely the way to go,” Henry D. Perry, MD, said at the OSN Italy meeting.
His first recommendation to those who are about to start with femtosecond cataract surgery is to practice docking several times because this is the main difference the procedure has from standard cataract surgery; it is also a (Read more...)

E. Coli in an Electronic Pill Can Detect Bleeding in the Stomach

Researchers at MIT have developed an ingestible chip containing genetically engineered E. coli. When swallowed, the bacteria can detect blood in the stomach, and produce light. The chip contains components that measure the amount of light produced and relays this information to a nearby smartphone, allowing a simple and non-invasive diagnosis of ga (Read more...)

Can you use Botox under your eyes?

Botox is often used to treat lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Can it also reduce dark circles or bags under the eyes? Using Botox under the eyes is not approved in the U.S. and researchers are unsure how well it may work and what side effe…

Cold Plasma Made Useful to Sterilize Medical Equipment

Cold plasma is a popular topic of research at Purdue University, including as a potential tool for killing cancer cells. It’s cold in the sense that only the electrons within the material are heated up to thousands of degrees, while the rest of the gaseous substance remains near room temperature. Now researchers at Purdue University [… (Read more...)