AdhereTech’s Smart System Improves Medication Compliance

Taking pills can be easy to forget and factors such as unpleasant side effects can significantly contribute to missed doses. This is especially true for serious diseases with complicated and prolonged regimens, often leading to decreased patient adherence at a time when staying on a drug regimen is especially important. AdhereTech currently helps p (Read more...)

Study quantifies stress of surgeons with different levels of experience

BELGRADE, Serbia — Quantification of surgical stress showed how experience affects emotional control and physiological parameters such as heart rate and breathing rate. Also, in beginner surgeons, stress progressively decreases throughout the day as they perform subsequent operations.
At the Hanusch Hospital in Vienna, a study was performed to assess stress levels of both patients and surgeons during cataract procedures. The Neuromaster system was used to measure stress parameters such as sweating, heart rate and respiration.
“In patients, we could see that stress level was reduced