Trump immigration policy threatens clinical research efforts

Foreign medical graduates play a substantial role in clinical and biomedical research efforts; thus, Trump-era immigration policies that deny individuals from certain foreign countries threaten such efforts, according to findings published in Annals of Internal Medicine.“Recently proposed changes to U.S. immigration policy, such as President Donald J. Trump’s executive order suspending the entry of persons from several Muslim-majority countries and stricter regulations on work visas, have raised moral, legal and geopolitical questions for the United States,” Dhruv Khullar, MD, MPP, from Weill Cornell Medical College and Columbia University, and colleagues (Read more...)

Smartfoam Can Measure Impacts in Football Helmets

Biomedical engineers at Brigham Young University have developed a nanocomposite “smartfoam” lining for football helmets, which measures impacts and can help coaches know if a player may have sustained a brain injury. Football players risk concussions during games. If a player is involved in a collision, it can be difficult to know wheth (Read more...)