Specialist gives pearls on how to deal with traumatic cataract

BELGRADE, Serbia — Cataract surgery has a low complication rate and is the most common, highly standardized procedure in the world, but there are no rules or pre-established patterns when cataract occurs in a traumatized eye.
“Traumatic cataract is another operation entirely. In trauma cases, there is no limits to what might happen and what might be needed, and this includes temporary keratoprosthesis with a complete mess inside the eye,” Ferenc Kuhn, MD, said at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons winter meeting. “If you don’t plan your

BewellConnect’s MyPeriTens Multi-Action Pelvic Floor Trainer

BewellConnect recently unveiled their new pelvic floor muscle trainer to help women with related issues, including post-partum complications and incontinence. The MyPeriTens device is both an electrical nerve stimulator and electrical muscle stimulator that is controlled through a smartphone app, allowing women to have precise control over the inte (Read more...)